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The ACU-3® is an autonomous controller. It uses fully distributed intelligence.  What this means is that even if there is a disruption in the communications between the front end software and the controller, it still continues to function as normal.  Events are stored in the controller until the communications have restored and are then transferred back to the front end.  Access requests are processed immediately because each ACU® stores card data, time schedules and access codes in its memory.  Built in safeguards, like battery backup and storage of access and alarm transactions allow the system to continue operating in the event of a power failure.  Relay control allows the end user to control doors, alarms, lights, sirens and fans etc.  This can be accomplished automatically, manually, by schedule or when a certain alarm occurs (linked).  Real time four state alarm monitoring provides quick and reliable response.

Key Benefits
* 8 Reader controller via reader modules (RRE®s)
* Up to 156 alarm input points per ACU®
* Up to 56 output relays per ACU®
* Up to 8 RIM®s and RRM®s
* 4 Linked relays per alarm input
* Up to 65000 card holders
* 24 Volt DC power supply
* Battery backed (power fail)
* 250 Controller maximum (2000 Readers)
* Multiple facility codes for access cards
* Multiple card reader technologies, biometric, proximity, wiegand, mag-stripe, keypad
* Unlimited access groups
* 127 schedules and 32 holidays
* Card, keypad, or card and keypad access control
* Standard and timed anti-passback
* Real time processing of access requests for up 65,000 cardholders.
* Elevator control
* Flash memory
* IP, serial, and dial up communications
* Storage for up to 4,000 access transactions in case of communication failure
* Backwards compatible to earlier software releases.
* On-board real time clock
* Modular and flexible design allows for reduced wiring
* Enclosure equipped with lock, tamper switch and power fail inputs