RRE® Board
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RRM® Board
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The RRE® is the interface between the ACU-3® and the access controlled door, or between the ACU-4® and an elevator car.  The RRE® controls the door hardware based on the information it receives from the card reader and/or keypad.

The RIM® expands the capabilities of an ACU® by increasing the amount of general purpose alarm inputs.  Locating the RIM® near a group of alarm points reduces the amount of wiring and conduit needed.

RIM® Board
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The RRM® expands the capabilities of an ACU® by increasing the number of relay outputs.  These outputs can  control locks, lights, sirens, fans, VCRs etc.  On an elevator ACU® these outputs are used for floor control selection.

RRE Key Benefits
* All door devices wired to the RRE® (short cable runs)
* Multi reader technology
* Proximity/Weigand/magstripe, and matrix keypad interfaces
* Four state alarm inputs
* Door held, and door forced conditions
* Relay ouputs for electric strikes, mag-locks and shunting
* Two additional auxiliary inputs for monitoring devices
* Power output for card reader and alarm sensors
* LEDs indicate power and communication status
* RS-485 communications interface to the ACU®

RIM® Key Benefits
* 16 four-state alarm inputs
* 16 LEDs to indicate alarm state
* 2 DPDT relay outputs

RRM® Key Benefits
* 16 relay outputs (8 DPDT and 8 SPDT)