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Summit NT® is our premier access control software.  Proven Microsoft 2000 Server software® and Microsoft SQL Server software® database power the system.  Microsoft SQL Server® is an (ODBC) Open Data Base Compliant product, meaning that it facilitates the exchange of data between different applications, such as time and attendance and payroll systems to name a few.  With full TCP/IP compliance, Summit NT® can be implemented over the corporate LAN/WAN.  Remote sites can be reached over TCP/IP, dedicated lines, ISDN, and dial-up PSTN.  The base product includes everything you need to get up and running.  Optional software packages can be added to enhance the functionality of your system including elevator floor control, photo badge capability, CCTV control, alarm paging and multi system software. Multiple reader technologies are supported such as proximity, Wiegand, magnetic stripe, bar code, and biometric devices.   Full global anti-passback support.  Powerful reporting features using Crystal Reports® to search and display card holder database and archived transaction history.  

Key Benefits
* Reliable-Scaleable
* Simplicity of Use
* Advanced System Functionality
* Reduced Administration Costs
* Multi-Tenant, Multi-System
* 2000 Reader capacity
* 65000 Card holders
* 2000 Input points
* 2000 Output points
* Multi system technology
* Multiple reader technologies
* Access Control
* Elevator Control
* CCTV Control
* Intrusion Alarm monitoring
* Alarm paging
* Photo Badge capability
* Management Reporting
* Graphical User Interface (GUI) for alarm monitoring and control
* Graphic floor plan support
* Link alarm inputs to control outputs
* Windows NT® operating system
* Microsoft SQL Server® database (ODBC)
* Support for up to 256 workstations
* IP addressable field panels