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Summit Pro® provides a total access control package for small to medium sized enterprises. By integrating all the functions of different subsystems into one single cohesive and effective system, Summit Pro® offers advanced design, unsurpassed functionality, ease of use and field proven performance. Summit Pro® is a networked security system application that supports up to three operator workstations including one central fileserver (server) and two other workstations (clients) in each system. They can be distributed throughout an organization to provide flexibility and meet the users operating system requirements. Summit Pro® provides a security solution for all types of facilities by delivering complete access control, alarm monitoring, and equipment control functions into a integrated system.

Key Benefits
* Reliable system operation and maximum up-time
* Ability to scale seamlessly to Summit NT®
* Ease of use
* Can be managed within the users current desktop environment
* Intelligence is distributed, single point failures do not affect the entire system
* ODBC compliant database
* Flexible network access
* Internet / Intranet compatibility
* TCP/IP connectivity
* Distributed system administration
* IP Addressable field panels
* Operating system choices, Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional® or Windows XP®
* Runs on PIII platforms at speeds of 650 MHz or greater
* Microsoft® standard GUI, easy to operate
* Intelligent field panels (ACUs)®
* All standard card reader and biometric reader technologies supported
* Standard LAN technology can operate over existing or standalone networks
* Comprehensive and Flexible Management Reporting System
* Intrusion Alarm Monitoring and Control
* Integrated Photobadging Capture and Design
* Elevator Control
* CCTV Switching and Control
* Radio Paging of Alarms
* Archive and Management Reporting
* Data Import and Export
* 25000 Card Holders
* 127 Schedules