Intech can provide service contracts of various levels.

Key Benefits
* System reliability
* Scheduled maintenance
* Parts availability
* Priority Response
* 24/7 Software and Hardware support
* Extended Hardware Warranty

Intech can provide our clients with various levels of support, from an all inclusive contract, parts only, to support only.

All Inclusive
This contract provides full replacement parts, software support, and after hours on call support.  Included in this contract is regular scheduled maintenance on the system.  Extended hardware warranty is another benefit of this package. This provides the client with a yearly budgeted cost, no unexpected costs.

Parts Only
Looking for a contract that covers your parts only? This one is for you.  Once again this provides a yearly budgeted cost for parts.  This one is great for those who have their own technical staff on hand.

Technical Support Only
Only require technical support? Intech can provide various levels.  From Monday to Friday business hours to 24/7 support.  Intech can design the contract for you, once again providing a yearly budgeted cost.